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The 11+ software packages, Mathematics for 11+ and English for 11+, allow students to practise sets of questions based on topics that are covered in the Barbados Secondary School Entrance Examination (Common Entrance). There are two versions of the software, a school edition which is installed in primary schools, and a home edition for personal use.

The primary objective of the 11+ programs is to help prepare children for the 11+ examination by working sample questions and sample exams. Through lots of practice, the child becomes familiar with the material which will help their confidence and speed during the examination. The program is meant to be a testing tool and not a teaching tool. The child is expected to have been taught the material in school and utilizes the program to practise questions and identify weak areas.

  • Students work a practice set of ten questions on a specific topic in the relevant subject (Mathematics or English).
  • The computer corrects the questions and provides an assessment along with some recommendations.
  • The student can go back and review their results along with the worked solutions for every question.
  • The program monitors the student’s results and adapts to the child’s ability by selecting questions at the appropriate level of difficulty.
  • Parents and students can view progress charts which indicate the scores received and the time taken to complete the questions.
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Mathematics Demo :

English Demo :

In 2005, Aries Technologies embarked on a private/public sector partnership with the Ministry of Education Youth Affairs and Culture of Barbados.  The partnership consists of the Ministry of Education, Youth Affairs and Culture, Aries Technologies Inc, private sector corporations and public sector organizations of Barbados.  The central focus of this initiative was the enhancement of the education sector of Barbados, by providing teachers with an additional tool to utilize within the classroom for instruction of the Mathematics and English subject areas.

As part of this initiative, Aries agreed to the development and implementation of a school edition of its Mathematics and English for 11+ software at no cost to the Ministry of Education. The company was able to achieve this feat, through the vision and cooperation of the wider corporate sector of Barbados that has sponsored the installation of the software in the primary schools.

The software underwent a thorough evaluation exercise by the Ministry of Education to assess its readiness for installation in the primary schools. The programs were assessed by teachers and curriculum officials within the Ministry to ensure that the software was in accordance with the objectives outlined in the Common Entrance curriculum. Having received the support of the Ministry of Education for implementation in schools, Aries installed the software in schools participating in the Ministry's Education Sector Enhancement Project (Edutech) as part of Phase 1 of the project.

Response to the Software

Students in the primary schools have enjoyed using the program.  They are able to work multiple sets of questions in the time it would take them to have a single set corrected by the teacher.  Teachers within the primary schools have responded positively to having access to a tool that assists them in achieving their curriculum goals and enables them to spend more time providing a higher level of assistance to the students who need it.

The software was next offered free of cost to all the community centres within the Community Development Department of the Ministry of Social Transformation.  Aries Technologies Inc has now offered the school edition of the software to additional primary schools across Barbados at no cost to the Ministry of Education in Phase 2 of implementation of this project.  Contact us to find out how you may get the software installed in your school or community centre.

In 2008, the Ministry of Education has continued to support Aries Technologies Inc. in the delivery of the Mathematics and English for 11+ software to primary school students. For recent remarks by the Ministry of Education as to the partnership please click here.

In 2008, the software was demonstrated to the Association of Public Primary School Principals. On review of the software the Association was pleased to offer its wholehearted endorsement of the products. You may view the endorsement letter here.

Corporate partners play an invaluable role in the delivery of both the Home and School editions of the software.  They have enabled Aries Technologies Inc to provide the software free of cost to the primary schools and community centres in Barbados.  The corporate partners have also allowed the company to reduce the price of the CDs to parents at home.

More importantly our partners, by allowing us the use of their products provide a frame of reference for our children.  We have noticed that children sit up a little straighter and look a little harder when they see familiar logos and products that they recognize.  Partner messages add colour and life to the software.  Children can now see practical applications of what they have been learning in school.  We have the opportunity to encourage the development of invaluable life skills through working questions.  Lessons on the importance of savings and insurance, preservation of our environment, crime prevention and the negative effects of substance abuse, are all provided within the software.  In some cases the material in the software initiates dialog with parents on the social issues that affect our society.

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