Frequently Asked Questions

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The Mathematics for 11+ and English for 11+ CDs available at Atlantic Computers, Brydens Stationery, Cloister Bookstore Ltd, Days Books, Deanna Dash's Toy Shop Inc (Sky Mall),  and D.E. Computers Unlimited Inc. The retail price in stores is Bds $50.

You can also purchase the software online from our website by clicking on the Buy Now button.
Our products works on all Windows Operating Systems such as Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 etc.
Yes, you can now purchase our products online by clicking on the Buy Now button.
When you install the program you may use it 15 times or for 10 days after which you have to register the program to continue using it. This prevents unauthorized use of the software. It also allows you to lend it to a friend who may try it for the same evaluation time period but must purchase their own CD to continue using the program. Please ensure that you register your CD before you lend it to a friend DO NOT let them register your CD.
The codes are long because they are generated based on your computer system and are unique to your computer. Therefore the registration key you receive after you register your CD cannot be used by another person to register another CD or the same CD on another computer.
The two main pieces of information you require are:
  • The Installation Key - This is a 24 digit code that is displayed in the registration window when you click on the Register button.
  • The CD key - This is a 16-digit code that is printed on the back of the paper sleeve containing the CD. You should never throw away this key.
You may register your CDs in three ways:
  • Register via automatic Internet Registration (fastest method)
  • Register via Manual Internet Registration
  • Call us at (434-0348) Monday to Friday between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm and we will register the CD for you.
No. The registration key you receive can only be used one time. If you reinstall the software you must register it with a new key. Visit us online or call to receive your new code.
The CD can only be registered on one computer at a time so you may only use it on one computer.
To move the program from one computer to another you must
  • Deactivate the program on the first computer. Save the deactivation code that is displayed after you deactivate it
  • Install the software on the second computer.
  • Register the software on the second computer, you will be asked for the deactivation key from the first computer. Enter this key to receive the registration key for the second computer.
If you wish to reactivate your software you must re-register the CD. You may do so using the deactivation key you saved when you deactivated it. If you did not save the deactivation key then you may call us at 434-0348 for assistance.
The registration software that was used with the earlier versions of the software was provided by a third party and proved too unstable so we removed it from version 3.0 and are no longer able to provide registrations for the earlier versions. You may upgrade to version 3.0 from here.
Any number of children can use the software however, each child will need to have different user name and password.
With the CD the child gets immediate feedback at their convenience without having to wait for someone to correct their work. The software is at their beck and call so to speak. The parent and child are able to visually monitor the child's progress through performance graphs. The use of technology is also a great motivator for today's children as this is their preferred method of interaction. This all serves to enhance your child's interest and encourage them to practice lots of questions and build their confidence before the exam.
You need to update the Adobe flash player on your computer. To do this locate the Flash Player Install folder located on your Mathematics or English for 11+ CD and simply run the exe located within. Or you may visit and download the latest Flash Player from there. Please note that when visiting the website you need to be using Internet Explorer in order for the installation to successfully solve the problem.

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