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BeeSmart 11+ Software: A learning experience for the entire Family

The BeeSmart Mathematics and English for 11+ plus software has been designed to be a fun interactive learning experience for children ages 9-11 as they prepare for the Common Entrance Exam. The software has several useful features that have been provided to assist students while using the program. These include worked solutions for the questions, Buzz the Bee providing hints for the child, progress charts, and formula sheets in the BeeSmart Math program. The software allows students to complete practice question sets and exams in Math and English and view worked solutions without parental supervision.

However, to maximize the benefits of the BeeSmart 11+ products, our friend Buzz the Bee has a few helpful tips for parents.

  Buzz’s Top Ten Tips for Parents 

     1)      Set aside dedicated times within the home for the family to use the computer. Each person within the household can have a specific period when they are online. For your child that is preparing for the exam, set-aside a weekly time slot where the child is able to utilize the BeeSmart Math for 11+ and English for 11+. Once the child has completed their exercises on the computer this represents an opportunity for you as the parent to review their work. It is equally important to pay attention to the questions your child answered correctly as well as the questions they got wrong.  The progress charts area of the software provides parents with the opportunity to view the last 10 question sets that the child has completed within a particular area of the curriculum.

    2)      Make the Learning experience fun and challenging! Set targets for your child to achieve within the software. As an example, you can instruct the child to complete 10 practice exercises in Subtraction and if their average score for the ten exercises is 7 or above, they will be rewarded with extra time on the computer to surf the net or to play their favorite video games. Make the goals attainable for the child and focus on the use of the program in establishing targets. Very soon you will find that your child is having as much fun working through problems in the BeeSmart program as they do with their video games!

    3)      BeeSmart with your Life Choices. There are several questions within the program that have been written by teachers and approved by our Corporate partners that addresses important topics that our young children are faced with. When your child comes across these questions within the software you can take the opportunity to sit and discuss with your child on what they have learnt from the topic material. It is a great way to begin discussions with your child on the challenges and choices they may experience.

    4)      Learn about all that the computer has to offer. If you are a parent that is less familiar with the use of the computer ask other friends or family members who may have more experience with computers to assist you. Make the use of the computer at home as another tool to assist your child in learning. The more comfortable you are as a parent in using the computer the more likely you are able to assist the child in using educational software on the computer

    5)      Keep an eye on the Clock.  One of the unique aspects of the BeeSmart 11+ software is the ability of the programs to record the time your child has taken to complete a practice set or a sample exam. Consult your child’s teacher as to how your child performs under time pressure and if they are able to complete their exercises in a timely manner.  The time feature of your child’s performance in the practice sets can be viewed in the Progress Charts area of the programs.

    6)      Place the computer in a room or area of the house where there are few distractions. This provides the child with an opportunity to focus on the question material that is presented on the screen. It also can help to place the child in the correct frame of mind to do Math and English questions.

    7)      Review the working that your child has written in their workbooks or worksheets with the worked solutions provided within the program. This can assist the parent in easily identifying where the child may be making a common mistake in their working.

    8)      Register the BeeSmart 11+ software. It is very important to register your copy of the BeeSmart 11+ software. This ensures that the program will not be temporarily disabled. The software provides 15 trial uses of the program and then requests for the program to be registered.

    9)   Remember, the software is a Study Tool and not a Teaching Tool. If your child has specific challenges in understanding parts of the Common Entrance curriculum please consult your child’s teacher. The BeeSmart 11+ Plus software is a tool that can also be used to assist parents in their child’s preparation leading up to the exam.

    10)   Buzz the BEE is there to help! If your child asks for your assistance with solving a problem and you are uncertain how to proceed, spend a moment and click on Buzz. Buzz is there to provide a small reminder for the child as to how to best approach the question.


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